Unlimited Possibilities offered by PSN

The services of PlayStation Network is limitless. As the world’s premier service in digital entertainment, it is continually improving with modern technology. Sony is making sure that its possibilities are well-extended to users by intently expressing its functionality to all their systems. PSN turned the table of the online gaming community with all its supporting features and its unified service online. The online PSN Generator can be found here.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is the main reason why PSN has been flourishing all over the world. This is a subscription by PSN that allows members to have access to its premium features like early access to new forthcoming games, store discounts and beta trials. With its software updates, the console will have an automatic download of game patches. Members have 6 games per month (2 for each platform) and 10 GB storage space where 1,000 game files can be saved. Online multiplayer is now available on PS4.

  • Instant Game Collection

Members have access to free games are available in rolling selection with Instant Game Collection. They can save the games in it. New games are available each month. Lapses to membership can cause the games to be locked but they can renew and unlock them again.

PlayStation Now

Cloud gaming is made possible with PlayStation Now by Sony Interactive and Gaikai. Users pay for accessibility to original PS3 games collection via subscription or per-game. PS4 titles are in the process to be offered in the future and also titles for PS, PSP and PS2.

More than 400 games are available for streaming in PlayStation Now service (Open Beta) and new games are added every week. There are ways of streaming in PlayStation Now. It’s either subscription service such as Netflix. The unlimited access to games is covered by the subscription. Or, users can just individually rent games.

PlayStation Store

Sony made it possible for PSN to have a digital media operating store in the name of PlayStation Store. It is a readily available store for PSP, PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles.

It offers a wide collection of downloadable media content that are for purchase and for free. The available contents include full games, playable demos, add-ons, themes, game trailers and movie teasers. Accessible on XrossMediaBar on PSP and PS3, via Dynamic Menu on PS4 and LiveArea for PS Vita.

  • Network Cards

PSN Cards are electronic money. Each card has alphanumeric codes to be entered on the PSN and deposited by the users to their virtual wallet. This is another mode of payment so that users can pay to the PSN Store without the use of credit card.

  • Cross-buy

PS devices in multiple can be purchased only once players who have downloaded PS3 versions of games can transfer them to PS Vita or PS 4 version.

In passing the stages of development, it is now an unstoppable gaming platform. Its enormous options made a dramatic intrusion and integration to traditional online gaming. Users and players are continually increasing in count with the endless possibilities offered by PSN. Structure-wise and performance-wise, it is no doubt the most authentic gaming console today.