Spray Painting Your Dining Area


Did you know that the colors of the walls in your dining area can affect your appetite? If you’re planning to spray-paint your dining area soon, you should know what colors go best with human appetite.

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Light Colors


White- or cream-colored walls are pleasing to the eyes. They make people feel calm and relaxed. These walls could almost open their arms to welcome you and invite you to eat. Have you guessed what will happen to your appetite then? If you’ve guessed that you’ll eat freely and normally, then you’re right! Walls painted with light colors can increase your appetite and encourage you to take your time eating.

Blue or Violet

On the other hand, walls painted with blue or violet decrease your appetite. They won’t make you feel hungry—which is perfect if you’re aiming to lose weight.



How about yellow-colored walls? Yellow, though considered a happy color, is a bit troubling if it’s related to eating. If you paint your dining area with yellow, you’ll most likely be forced to eat quickly and leave the area as soon as you can. This is why McDonald’s uses yellow—they want their customers to eat fast and leave because it’s a fast food chain. Combined with the color red, yellow makes you energetic and sends a message that you should eat quickly and go your way.

Red and Earth Tones

These colors create an intimate ambiance and make your dining area look bigger than it really is. They also make you feel like you’re in an elegant restaurant, enabling you to take your time eating. They won’t decrease your appetite, but will probably slow you down. However, you should bear in mind that too much red can be annoying like the color yellow.



Meanwhile, spray painting your walls with green can make you feel relaxed and fresh. If you fuse it with earth tones, you’ll make the atmosphere cozy. You’ll be able to eat a lot with green walls because it increases your appetite.

So, what color will you use to paint the walls in your dining room?